Travel-inspired subjects

Artist’s approch

Artist’s approach

« Painting is both an inward and outward adventure. My travels in France and overseas have been an integral part of my artistic approach, in search of other cultures and other emotions. I head for the places I endeavor to paint and soak up colors, sounds, smells, fragrances; once I have taken notes, I work in my shop and call on my memory, retrieving sensations of sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste.

My painting is a call to create an emotional and poetic bond with the world around us ».

Denis Miau

« I believe that Denis Miau is aligned in the new generation: coming back to a significant evocation of nature, but also including the plastic or expressive freedoms and conquests that modern art in its purest state has culled. That, I feel, is the next step. »

René Huyghe
Member of the French Academy – Art historian

…Today with over 1500 paintings to his credit, Miau’s work has evolved considerably in its openness to the world and in the intrinsic innermost dimension which reminds us that painting bespeaks of spirituality. I like it that each work by this artist keeps its secret, and if not entirely so, at least certain elements that defy analysis or strictly material comparison. I value its fresh inspiration, its sense of conviction, and a certain spiritual and poetic density. Gushing spring water and the alchemist’s fixed light seem to me to define accurately Denis Miau’s work and adventure in the visual arts, with its underpinnings of genuine humility in the face Nature.

Roger Bouillot 
Radio commentator and art writer



Albi - France

Albi - France


Wuxi - China



Dominican Republic

Czech Republic




Istanbul - Turkey

Marrakech - Marocco

Izmir - Turkey

Morondava - Madagascar

Bergen - Norway

Anosimanjaka - Madagascar

Copenhagen - Denmark

Cadaqués - Spain

Phoenix Art Center in Wuxi - China

Antsirabe - Madagascar

Mykonos - Greece

Naples - Italy

Tallinn - Estonia

Oslo - Norway

Barcelone - Catalonia

Venice - Italy

Venice - Italy

Vienna - Austria

Vienna - Austria

Jichang garden - Wuxi - China

Shanghai, Beijing and Wuxi exhibitions - China

Pays Zafimaniry - Madagascar

Allée des baobabs - Morondava - Madagascar

Route d'Antsirabe - Madagascar

Bretagne - France

Bretagne - France

The artist making his papers - Madagascar

Côte sauvage - Bretagne - France

Abu Dhabi - Emirats Arabes Unis

Isola Madre - Isola Bella - Italie

Denis Miau, traveling painter 

France, Guadeloupe, Monaco, Italy, Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Tunisia, Dominican Republic, Senegal, Madagascar, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Estonia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, China, United States, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.